Parish Life

03-17-2023Pastor's LetterFr. David M. Ostler

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

When our Parish of Prince of Peace was founded on May 1, 2021, our church had 855 registered families and a lot of ministries needed to start anew. There was no Catechetical Program, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul, Pro-Life Ministry, Catering Team, or choir, and we had only a small Women’s Guild. In the two years since our founding, our Eucharistic Community now has:

  • 1,035 registered families
  • 107 children registered in our vibrant Catechetical Program
  • A thriving Knights of Columbus Council, who sold-out their recent Golf Tournament
  • A wonderful St. Vincent de Paul Conference
  • A dynamic St. John Paul II Pro-Life Ministry
  • A stellar Catering Team
  • A small but mighty 11:00am Mass Choir and a new 9:00am Mass Schola
  • A flourishing Queen of Peace Women’s Guild, who has sold out their upcoming Fashion Show.

There is no doubt in my mind that our Faith Community is alive with the love of Christ. Our prayerfulness, our hospitality, and our desire to serve others is something to celebrate. I give thanks to God every single day for everyone who has stepped up to be part of these new ministries.

As our Prince of Peace Parish continues to grow, there will be bumps in the road that we will inevitably face, but I ask you to embrace these challenges with grace and understanding. For instance, our line to get a donut after Mass is now quite long. But this inconvenience comes from the fact we are flourishing as a Faith Community. We can and will find ways to hand out donuts more efficiently. Our goal is not to be perfect, but how to bring people closer to Christ - who is perfect!

In Christ,
Fr. David